Got it from my Mama

This week, I decided why not use some of the pieces my mom has given me throughout the years. My mom is a huge style inspiration to me. When it comes to fashion, she showed me that standing out and being unique should never be a bad thing.

This top has been one of my favorites from my moms closet for a while now. I especially love it now that chokers are back in style. The tied up neck piece gives the perfect choker look and completely changes the top. I also love how you can change the look of the top by tying the neck piece differently. I paired the blouse with some bootcut Armani Exchange jeans, also from my moms closet! I figured, if I go with a vintage top, why not style that with some vintage jeans. My favorite thing about this whole outfit is that even though these pieces were bought years ago, they are still trendy and stylish!

Jeans: Armani Exchange  Booties: Michael Kors

Seems everybody is getting sick lately so stay healthy everyone! As always, please leave some feedback!




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